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"Eco-Friendly Unit/Green Villas"

Mohlos, Lassithi Crete Greece

"Even the god who is a god and cares not where he wends,
when rest is what he truly craves, to Mohlos he descends"
Kostas Frangoulis - Antaeus


Mohlos is a picturesque seaside village in the heart of a fantastic natural landscape on the north coast of Crete, between Sitia and Agios Nikolaos.

The small MOHLOS VILLAS complex rises above Mohlos, offering from on high a magnificent view which, as our guests exclaim, "cannot be captured by any camera!" Every visitor is amazed to find that Mohlos has "its own magical atmosphere" and a mysterious positive, invigorating energy.

It is obviously no coincidence that the islet of Mohlos was the site of one of the greatest harbours and naval centres of Minoan Crete, with links to the great civilisations of the East. The greatest and brightest collection of Minoan gold jewellery and diadems was discovered here, similar to those of the Sumerian Queen of Sheba!


What you can do

Today, apart from its natural landscape and cultural heritage, Mohlos offers exceptional eating and recreational facilities. Picturesque tavernas "lapped by the waves" offer authentic Cretan cooking, based on the local olive oil, the best in the world, wonderful seafood tidbits and specialties and other gastronomic delights, while small bars offer low-key modern entertainment. You can also swim in the sea, enjoy watersports and boat trips, go on nature walks with mountain guides, etc.

Thirty kilometres from Mohlos is the town of Ierapetra and 35 kilometres away are those of Sitia and Agios Nikolaos. All three towns have hospitals - health centres, urban services of all kinds, shops and amusement facilities.


About Crete

The island of Crete, with all its natural and historical attractions, is a fascinating destination. Its wonderfully varied landscape, fantastic beaches and crystal-clear sea, pleasantly mild and healthy climate, picturesque villages in the interior and pretty seaside towns, historical monuments and internationally-acclaimed antiquities from Minoan palaces to Byzantine monasteries and Venetian castles, all go to make up a rich and impressive environment offering a wide range of choices.

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